In this case we are using the word ash as a verb, not a noun. We are not referring to the burnt tip that falls off the end of your joint. Instead we are talking about the act of getting rid of the residue that burning weed leaves behind. A good stoner is always obliged to ash responsibly. Nobody likes the a**hole that ashes on the floor or is too lazy to find an ashtray and ashes into a cup.


This is perhaps one of the most confusing word choices for those living outside of the stoner circle. A bowl is one of the most popular tools used for smoking weed. When a stoner buys a bowl they will usually pick one that matches their own personal style. Whether they are a ganja princess or a tokemon master, bowls come in all shapes and sizes! A stoner will usually own a wide array of bowls throughout their life.


A stoner’s least favorite word. This means that whatever you are smoking out of has reached its end and there is no more green bud to smoke. When these words are uttered during a sesh everyone looks around to see who’s going to reload the bowl or roll the next joint.


There’s no other way to describe some really amazing sticky buds other than to say that it’s dank. This word is universal and will be recognized by stoners everywhere!


This top notch weed grows at the bottom of the plant and collects all the THC crystals that fall from the top buds and trickle down. These are considered the most potent nugs of the plant.


This word usually has a negative connotation, it is used to describe a stoner that has smoked to the point of no return. This is a synonym for the ever popular term: burnout.


Contrary to popular belief, this word does not come from Jamaican culture. It is actually one of the original sanskrit words for hemp.


An expression used to describe smoking in an enclosed area to trap all the smoke. This is essentially the most effective way to get high off your weed and most popularly done in a car. When someone gets a new car it is a stoner tradition to gather all the stoners you can fit and hotbox it together for the first time.


A strain of Marijuana that gives you a couch-like body high. It is great for curing insomnia but terrible for getting sh*t done. Think of it this way: Indica= In-da-Couch.


The most popular way to smoke cannabis. To roll a joint is a skill that not all possess but those who do will always be MVPs. Other words for a joint are: “Jays,” “Whiteboys,” and “Paper planes.”


Most commonly used to describe “high grade marijuana.” Some classic Kush strains are Purple Kush and OG Kush, both extremely potent indica strains.


This is without a doubt one of the most important tools to a stoner. Without fire there’s no sesh, and 80 percent of the time a stoner will always forget the lighter! But the ganja gods always seem to come through and a stoner in need always seems to find a lighter when they need one. Since stoners are easily distracted peopl,e the lighter usually gets left behind at the sesh anyway so that it can be redelivered to the next stoner in need… and the lighter karma continues.

(M)—Mary Jane

A great name for a bong, a person, or pretty much anything!


Nugs—the part of the marijuana plant that stoners love most. This is another name for the buds of the plant which contain all the THC that cannabis enthusiasts use to smoke, vaporize, or cook with.


A really fun smoke trick. Blowing O’s can actually get you higher because the amount of control it takes requires you to hold the smoke in for longer. Smoking tricks are an art and they can take a few years to perfect, but OOO’s are always a good place to start. Once you’ve nailed it, you can move on to the french inhale.


A word used to generalize any smoking device besides paper. In the past, desperate stoners have made pieces out of apples, water bottles, and even Starburst candy. (Seriously, look it up!)


Seven grams of weed. Usually sold for $75-80. If you’re ever unsure of how much pot to buy, gather up a couple of stoner friends, pitch in about $10 each, and you’re sure to have a great sesh with enough leftovers for everybody!


Regs are always cheaper than higher grade marijuana. Also called schwag weed or reggies, they are a lower grade of marijuana usually grown outdoors. Dealers usually sell regs for people to cook with not to smoke.


This is the opposite of the Indica strain. This kind of weed is every stoner’s favorite because it allows you to go throughout your day stoned but still active and productive. Here’s a good way to remember it: Sativa=Activa.


The psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. Or shall we say the best part? It’s what makes the buds gleam in the light and what makes you giggle like a preschooler for hours with your friends.


Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize marijuana on December 10th, 2013. Ever since, the legalization of pot in Uruguay has been dubbed the “great experiment.”


A healthier alternative to smoking. It is the process of gently heating up the weed and smoking the vapor it releases rather than burning it and inhaling the smoke into your lungs.

(W)—Wake n’ Bake

This is the act of waking up and taking a rip off the bong that’s sitting on your nightstand. It’s the most important time of the day followed by the most important meal of the day.


When the weed is so loud it could wake the dead, we call that sh*t “X-Rated”.

(Y)- Yerba

Although this is totally not how you spell it, a common spanish terminology for cannabis is “yerba”, properly spelled “hierba”, which literally means ‘a weed’. It may not be how you spell it but that’s definitely how you pronounce it. Also, we couldn’t find another word that started with the letter ‘Y’, so there.


Due to lack of Stoner words that start with Z, we chose a word that describes when you’ve reached the highest of highs. When you are zooted you are basically non-functional. However, this is a temporary term. The zooted-ness eventually wears off and you can continue on with your life.