What happens when stoners and fashion meet? ‘High Fashion’ of course! In this episode of #SGD, Biz and Mari do some serious work as they pose in front of the camera in high-end couture! This episode has some serious girl power as we also take the opportunity to bring to you the unstoppable Liana Vasserot to give you an inside scoop on how she styled all of Season 4. We hope you enjoy this montage filled episode and please share with your friends so we can break the stereotype of poorly dressed stoners LOL Light one up and let’s play dress-up!

MUA: Michi Contreras
Photographer: Tina Perez
Stylist: Liana Vasserot
Vintage Boutique: The Wired Heart

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Produced By: HGAB Studios [www.HGABmag.com]

Intro Music by:
Louie Arson https://soundcloud.com/loubytunes

Intro Ladies:
Gaby Duran @gbdrn
Ivana Vivas @ivanalvivas