Season 4 ends with a bang as Stoner Girl Diary visits their first recreational state EVER thanks to our sponsors @VanderPop and @Nugtools! It was such an amazing experience being a newbie and legally purchasing cannabis at Trill Evolutions and The Health Center, as well as taking a tour of a huge nursery where we got to witness the process of growing cannabis up close and in person! We are so proud of Colorado for leading the way and setting a great example for one of America’s most promising industries. All we can say is: “F*ck yeah!”

Season 4 has been such an amazing season and although we are sad that it’s over, we are much more thrilled that we get to start prepping for Season 5! This season we tried so many new things, such as, making the episodes longer, venturing out of the set and featuring lots of amazing guests! We’d love to get your feedback so that we can make Season 5 better t, so please comment below with any ideas you may have for upcoming segments, skits or topics! We will miss you so much and we’ll see you next season!

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